‘South of the Circle’ From State of Play Has Returned to iOS as a Free To Start Release Following It Leaving Apple Arcade

Back when Apple used to still bring boutique indie games and narrative-driven experiences to its service, the gorgeous South of the Circle () from State of Play who developed Kami ($2.99), Kami 2 ($2.99), INKS ($1.99), and Lumino City ($4.99) hit the service. Since then, South of the Circle launched on PC and console platforms. It eventually left Apple Arcade, but has finally returned to iOS as a free to start game with a one time unlock in app purchase for the full game. Out of all the games that leave the service, I hope most get ported elsewhere for preservation, but returning to iOS would be a bonus so I’m glad that this one returned. Watch the game’s official trailer below:

If you’ve not played it yet, South of the Circle is an adventure game with a narrative focus set in 1964 in Antarctica after an an aircraft crash. It tells the story of Peter who is a Cambridge academic trying to reach bases and fight for survival through the cold. If you’d like to try it on iOS now for free and without any subscription, grab it here on the App Store. Check out our forum thread for the original Apple Arcade release of South of the Circle here, the new App Store release forum thread here, and the official website for State of Play here. The one time unlock price is $3.99 right now on the App Store. Did you play South of the Circle before on Apple Arcade or will you be trying it out through this standalone iOS release?

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