Silent Hill: Ascension Google Play Pre-Registrations Are Now Live, October 31st Release Date Listed

Genvid, Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Games, and dj2 Entertainment announced an interactive streaming series based on Konami’s Silent Hill in the form of Silent Hill: Ascension last year. Since then, it was confirmed to launch in 2023, but a Google Play pre-registration page (via has revealed a release date with more information about the project. Silent Hill: Ascension will launch on October 31st according to the page, but as of today, no platforms have been officially revealed. Since pre-registrations are live on Google Play, it should also arrive on iOS at the same time. Silent Hill: Ascension will have multiple main characters across the world tormented by Silent Hill monsters with your decisions (alongside the community) affecting Silent Hill canon in this interactive series. Check out the official announcement trailer below:

Genvid told that more information will be revealed for Silent Hill: Ascension soon. Until then, pre-registrations are live on Google Play. If you’d like to experience Silent Hill: Ascension from launch, pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. The store page mentions daily live story scenes where each day is different based on player actions and the audience’s decisions. There will be a way to catch up to the show on demand as well. The official Silent Hill: Ascension launch time is 9 PM ET on October 31st according to the Google Play page. Check out the official game website here. What do you think of Silent Hill: Ascension and will you be trying it later this month?

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