Scare Up Some Affordable RPGs in KEMCO’s Halloween Sale

Hello, my frightening friends. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, but something is in the air today so here we are. Good ol’ KEMCO. The most prolific, reliable RPG publisher on mobile, to be sure. While you’ll never confuse its releases for the latest Final Fantasy game, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi to them that keeps some players coming back when in need of comfort food. But do you know what makes a KEMCO RPG even better? When you grab it on the cheap! Luckily for us, KEMCO’s got a new sale on where we can pick up several of its games for some sub-large coffee prices. Not even fancy coffee!

Now, KEMCO is calling this an October Sale. Fine, fine. I’m pumpkin spicing that up and calling it a Halloween Sale, because that’s the season. Whatever you call it, it kicks off today and features six lovely RPGs that are available on both iOS and Android. The sales apply to both platforms, so whatever phone you have in your pocket (well, as long as you don’t have anything too weird), you’re covered.  Without further ado, the games on sale are:

Those games typically run eight or nine bucks each, so it’s a fairly substantial discount. Now, I don’t expect anyone to roll up and buy six RPGs at once. That would be a silly thing to do, just stacking up RPGs on your virtual shelf in such a quantity that you couldn’t possibly get to all of them anytime soon. Very… very silly, yes. So which ones are the good ones?

For those who track developers, let’s quickly separate who did what. EXE-Create developed Asdivine Hearts II, Asdivine Kamura, Ruinverse, Dimension Cross, and Seek Hearts. Hit-Point handled the chores on Monochrome Order. Personally, Monochrome Order didn’t do much for me. I liked Asdivine Kamura a fair bit, and Asdivine Hearts II is decent as long as you’ve played the first game. The others are okay, but didn’t really stick in my memory too long after I finished them.

In the old days I would have been able to point you to reviews for each of these games, but even I had to tap out on the big detailed reviews after a couple of dozen games or so. That’s just how it is with KEMCO RPGs. They rarely innovate in any meaningful way, but that’s not why you come to them. No, you come to them because they fill the belly and are cheap. Convenience store cheeseburgers in the middle of the night. That means the cheaper you get them, the better. Fill your boots while you can, chums.

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