‘Resident Evil Village’ Out Now on iPhone 15 Pro and iPad M1 (and Later) Devices, Launch Celebration Discount Available

Capcom has finally released Resident Evil Village (Free) on the iPhone 15 Pro series and supported iPad models with an M1 chipset or better. If you missed my review in progress covering the game on iPhone 15 Pro, read it here. With today’s launch, a release celebration discount is live until November 20th as revealed last week.The regular pricing for the base game is a $39.99 unlock with a $19.99 in app purchase for the Winters’ Expansion DLC. There is also a $4.99 All Access Voucher DLC. These DLC packs are same as the PC and console versions as you can see on the Steam pages here and here. For the iOS launch, Capcom has discounted the base game unlock to $15.99, the Winters’ Expansion to $9.99, and the All Access Voucher to $1.99. Watch the Resident Evil Village Apple launch trailer below:

If you’d like to play Resident Evil Village and have a supported iPhone 15 Pro device or iPad with M1 chipset and better, you can now download it free here. It required about 7.92GB downloaded once you get the initial download from the App Store done. You can then sample it for free before buying the full game. Check out the official website for Capcom’s upcoming Apple silicon ports here. Resident Evil 4 Remake is due this year for iPhone 15 Pro, iPad (M1 and later) models, and macOS. Resident Evil Village is out now on supported iOS and iPadOS devices. Resident Evil Village has cross progression on iPadOS and iOS. Will you be trying out Resident Evil Village today on iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max or a newer iPad model?

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