Physics-Based Puzzler ‘SP! NG’ From SMG Studio Has Gotten Its Final Update Today Bringing In an Endless Mode, Loads of New Levels, and More

I’ve been writing about Apple Arcade games and updates since the start, and it has been interesting seeing which games have been getting regular updates. Not every game needs updates of course, but some benefit a lot from regular new level packs and story content. SMG Studio’s SP!NG () has been one of the most-updated games on Apple Arcade since launch. Today, it has gotten its final update adding a new Endless Mode, 90 new Rush levels, 3 new Play Perfect chapters, 2 new chapters of The Lost Levels, and more. With this update, the game now has over 1400 levels. That’s wild. If you’ve not gotten it yet, it remains one of the nicest games on the service, and one well-worth checking out if you’re a fan of physics-based puzzlers or new to them. Usually, I save any update news around Apple Arcade games for the Friday round-up, but SP!NG has been so well-supported that it deserves its own highlight. Watch the SP!NG trailer below:

If you’d like to play SP!NG, you can get it here on Apple Arcade. With SP!NG now content complete, I assume we will get updates to fix any potential bugs and issues, but no more new content. I wonder if it will start seeing ports to other platforms now. It feels great on touch, but I’m all for more Apple Arcade games getting preserved on other platforms. Head over to our Apple Arcade forum thread for SP!NG here. Make sure to head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussions on the new and older releases on the service. What do you think of SP!NG if you played it, and will you be getting back to try out the Endless Mode and new levels today?

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