Out Now: ‘Kingdom Eighties’, ‘Mortal Kombat: Onslaught’, ‘Wrestle Jump 2’, ‘Subpar Pool’, ‘Dungeon Hunter 6’, ‘Forza Customs’, ‘South of the Circle’ and More

Each and every day new mobile games are hitting the App Store, and so each week we put together a big old list of all the best new releases of the past seven days. Back in the day the App Store would showcase the same games for a week, and then refresh those features each Thursday. Because of that developers got into the habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features spots. Nowadays the App Store refreshes constantly, so the need for everyone to release all on the same day has diminished. Still, we’ve kept our weekly Wednesday night format as for years that’s the time people knew to check TouchArcade for the list of new games. And so without further ado please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’ll be picking up!


Art Heist ($2.99)

iTunes Description

A rainy night, a secluded villa on a remote island and a thief who walks among you. You are invited to an evening unveiling of a newly discovered artwork with a secret. But before the night is out you receive word a heist has taken place, the artwork has been taken. Before the perpetrators escape the villa you are invited to track them down. The villa is on lock-down so progress will be less than swift but with your puzzle solving skills to make the task easier you should have no problem recovering the painting. But will you?…

Forum Thread: Art Heist- Escape Room (by M9 Creative LTD)

Dungeon & Evil Hunter (Free)

iTunes Description

Defeat the great evil lurking in the abyss.

[Game Traits]
– Dark Fantasy Hack-and-slash Idle RPG
– Limitless farming of equipment through the Rift Stages
– Build your own combat style through dual weapon system
– Upgrade hero traits in the strategic upgrade system
– Unlock skill traits and upgrade your skills
– Grow your hero with diverse combat contents
– A fantastic variet of follower skins and a skill system for each of the follower grades

Forum Thread: Dungeon & Evil Hunter (by Mobirix)

Dungeon Hunter 6 (Free)

iTunes Description

Dungeon Hunter is BACK! Thrilling Gameloft ARPG Sequel!

Unite, fearless Bounty Hunters, and embrace Dungeon Hunter VI – a unique and enthralling hack-and-slash odyssey that continues the cherished saga. Enter uncharted territories, reunite with iconic characters, and experience a new level of excitement in this extraordinary installment!

Return to the Valenthia 200 years after the brave sacrifice of the Bounty Hunter and experience brand new thrilling adventures, in a scale never seen before in a Dungeon Hunter Game.

Forum Thread: Dungeon Hunter 6 (by GOAT Games/Gameloft)

Fluffy Planet Saga (Free)

iTunes Description

Embark on an eternal adventure alongside your friends in Fluffy Planet Saga – a 3D anime fantasy MMORPG. Step into a cute magical world of wonders and experience a fun, heartwarming journey like no other!

◈Reunite in the Same MMO World ◈
Relive the cherished memories of the beloved RPG universe and dive into familiar adventures. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled audio-visual delight with stunning graphics and cute fairytale art style, adding a touch of charm to your adventures in this fun MMORPG!

Forum Thread: Fluffy Planet Saga (by X-LEGEND Entertainment)

Forza Customs (Free)

iTunes Description

Customize cars with a retro look or go modern? You decide, you design!

The Forza Customs crew are here to bring you some unloved classics, to restore them to their former glory and beyond. Transform dreams into reality with amazing car customizations! Solve puzzles to help design, customize and tune the perfect set of wheels.

This is the ultimate car-themed puzzle game!

Forum Thread: Forza Customs (by Hutch Games)

Franz (Free)

iTunes Description

Imagine that your phone is haunted by a mysterious creature named Franz, who has her own will, personality and desires. Through direct communication with Franz, game mechanics and notification system, you can find out who Franz really is and what she truly desires. Moral choices form the narrative foundation of the game. The decisions that you make throughout the story determine whether you become the rightful owner of Franz or turn into her puppet.

Forum Thread: Franz (by Ice-Pick Lodge)

Hockey All Stars 24 (Free)

iTunes Description

Hockey All Stars returns with more realistic visuals, more game-modes and even more fast-paced Hockey action. Deke, slapshot and fight your way to victory.

Experience the thrill of creating your very own world-class Hockey team with Hockey All Stars 24! Customize your very own Hockey franchise by designing the perfect team jersey and logo. Then, hit the rink to showcase your skills!

Forum Thread: Hockey All Stars 24 (by Distinctive Games)

Icarus M: Guild War (Free)

iTunes Description

Endless battles filled with tension that begins on the rise of the Red Moon
Join Massive war battles on a grand scale and defeat world bosses!
Win battles to earn powerful rewards and become the strongest of them all.

Forum Thread: Icarus M: Guild War (by VALOFE / Wemade)

Idle Iktah (Free)

iTunes Description

Idle Iktah is an incremental game set in a fictionalized Pacific Northwest where you start from nothing and create your own path to success. Level up, complete quests, and gain powerful rewards as you dive deeper into this hand-crafted adventure.

Forum Thread: Idle Iktah (by Grounded Games)

Kingdom Eighties ($4.99)

iTunes Description

Kingdom Eighties is a standalone expansion to the award-winning Kingdom series: A singleplayer adventure of micro-strategy and base building, inspired by the neon lights of the eighties.

You play as The Leader, a young camp counselor who will have to defend their town and family from the relentless attack of the mysterious Greed. What are these monsters, and why are they trying to steal their family legacy, the Crown of Creation?

Forum Thread: Kingdom Eighties (by RawFury)

Lucky Mayor ($3.99)

iTunes Description

In this roguelike mayor simulation game, you will become the leader of a city, taking on the role of mayor. Your task is to recruit citizens, promote business prosperity, and build a comprehensive industrial chain to meet the diverse needs of the population. Through wise planning and decision-making, transform your city into a thriving supercity that citizens take pride in, and become their admired leader!

Forum Thread: Lucky Mayor (by MadGoat GameStudio)

Miss Perfect Miss Ending (Free)

iTunes Description

A comics-style puzzle game with many unexpected horror stories. The happiness and mourne in the story are just like ephemeral snowflakes.

【Core Game Flow】
– Search for stroy fragments in the scene.
– Ingeniously combine the story fragments to see what it is going on.
– Use your wisdom (or luck) to find the hidden bonus in the level.
– Click to judge if you have guessed the ending,by the way, Miss Perfect did not guess the ending in any case.
– There is also a story of an encounter with Miss Perfect outside the level.

Forum Thread: Miss Perfect Miss Ending (by Genuine Studio)

Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage (Free)

iTunes Description

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM U.C. ENGAGE is a UNIVERSAL CENTURY war/strategy battle game that brings together all the Gundam characters into one mobile game.
You can enjoy an animated depiction of the UNIVERSAL CENTURY world of Gundam and a new storyline that combines animation and battle/adventure!
In addition, experience firsthand the battlefields in space through awesome 6 vs. 6 battles with realistic 3D mobile suits in an easy-to-use/auto-play war/strategy battle game!

Forum Thread: Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. Engage (by Bandai Namco)

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught (Free)

iTunes Description

For eons, the realms have been locked in Mortal Kombat. Blood has been shed and lives taken in epic duels between darkness and light. Now the Elder Gods call upon YOU to step into the action and join in the battles that will determine the fate of the realms! Experience the vast world of Mortal Kombat in a cinematic, mobile-exclusive RPG journey. Build a team featuring your favorite Fighters from Mortal Kombat’s expansive history and pit them against wave after wave of blood-thirsty foes.

Forum Thread: Mortal Kombat: Onslaught (by Warner Bros.)

New Fantasy (Free)

iTunes Description

Epic Multiplayer AR Battles!

The sensation that gathered thousands of friends at arenas in movie theaters is now available to play anywhere, anytime!

Monsters and Gods from multiple myths and legends are here, and they are looking for worthy opponents! Survive as long as you can until the time runs out or your health perishes. Gather gold in each run to buy upgrades that will help you out in the next battles.

Forum Thread: New Fantasy (by Atop Studios)

Pathfinder: Lore Masters (Free)

iTunes Description

Welcome to Pathfinder: Lore Masters – test your knowledge of the renown tabletop RPG – Pathfinder!

From class rules to epic campaign lore, select your difficulty at each stage of the adventure. Adventure mode is a 20 question main attraction to Pathfinder: Lore Masters.
Once players select the books and filters for the questions they would like to answer, they can kick off their adventure. Every correct or incorrect answer inches you closer to victory or defeat.

Forum Thread: Pathfinder: Lore Masters (by Lore Masters Studios)

Rubicon: World Torn Asunder ($1.99)

iTunes Description

Step into the shoes of a courageous hero and prepare to conquer dungeons, solve intricate puzzles, and battle formidable foes. Our classic action RPG takes inspiration from timeless legends and brings a new world of epic quests to your mobile device.

Discover a breathtaking, open world filled with lush forests, mysterious caves, and ancient temples. Explore the sprawling landscapes, uncover hidden secrets, and forge your path in a land teeming with magic and danger.

Forum Thread: Rubicon: World Torn Asunder (by 10XGames LLC)

South of the Circle (Free)

iTunes Description

South of the Circle is a deep narrative experience of the emerging relationship between Cambridge academics Peter and Clara, set against the backdrop of the Cold War. The story focuses on promises made between career and true love, and the devastating consequences of not dealing with the past.

Forum Thread: South of the Circle (by State of Play Games)

Sprout Valley ($2.99)

iTunes Description

Sprout Valley is a charming farming simulator game where you can step back from the busy life and grow the garden of your dreams. Captivating story, hand-crafted experience.

You play as the main character, cute cat Nico, who tries to find a peaceful place to live in.
Nico will find friends along the way and discover interesting events. Help him to learn what secrets Ostara holds.

Forum Thread: Sprout Valley (by Vadzim Liakhovich)

subpar pool ($4.99)

iTunes Description

A whimsical adventure of playful pocket antics at the intersection of golf and pool.

Dive into each procedurally generated level, consisting of a series of tables filled with balls you must pocket within a set number of shots. Escape into the fantastically vibrant world, while strategizing the best plan to pocket your balls. Watch your plan inevitably combust as you adapt your next move to skillfully take home the win.

Forum Thread: subpar pool (by grapefrukt)

The Talkie ($2.99)

iTunes Description

Welcome to The Talkie, a revolutionary game that masterfully intertwines elements of a film, a novel, and a video game, delivering an unprecedented narrative journey. Get ready for an interactive thriller that redefines the boundaries of storytelling, engaging your senses and stimulating your curiosity in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Step into the shoes of Jacob King, a bereaved writer grappling with the agonizing loss of his pregnant wife. His existence takes an unforeseen turn when he stumbles upon an old walkie-talkie buried in his backyard, with a mystifying woman’s voice on the other end. As you submerge into the enigma, piecing together clues and unwinding the intricate plot, you’ll soon discover that appearances can be deceiving. The non-linear narrative perpetually keeps you on your toes, and the unexpected plot twists ensure you’re perpetually perched on the edge of your seat, hungry to unveil the truth.

Forum Thread: The Talkie (by Sideways Interactive)

Wrestle Jump 2 (Free)

iTunes Description

One-button silly wrestling for two players!
The official sequel to the original Wrestle Jump from 2012.

Forum Thread: Wrestle Jump 2 (by Otto Ojala)

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