New ‘Among Us!’ Map “The Fungle” Dropping on October 24th

I am not the best person to tell you all the latest goings on with Among Us!, the viral sensation from developer Innersloth that causes players to be suspicious of absolutely everyone they know or love in their life circle. But from my understanding the game has not received a new map in quite some time, and so when Innersloth unveiled a new map called The Fungle a few weeks ago it was kind of a big deal. Despite the game really finding its audience a couple of years ago it seems the Among Us! fanbase is as passionate as ever and are more than a little excited for the new The Fungle map. The reason I know this is because of the sheer amount of hardcore analysis videos that have come out breaking down every single little detail on display from Innersloth’s excellent animated trailer announcing the new map, which you can see below.

It’s amazing to me the type of information that people can deduce based on the little details of a trailer like this, but one thing people weren’t certain of was when The Fungle would be coming to the game. Innerslot said October, but WHEN in October!? The people need to know!! Ok, ok, calm down hardcore Among Us! fans, they narrowed down the date in a new blog post today and The Fungle will be arriving on all platforms October 24th. Just a couple of weeks away! As a special bonus for fans you can head over to the game’s merch store to snag some limited The Fungle stickers totally for free, while supplies last. Stick them on absolutely everything, just like my 2 and 4 year olds do anytime they get their hands on any sort of sticker. Put them all over town and make the good word of The Fungle spread just like a… just like a fungus! Oh I get it now! Also be sure to check out the new map on the 24th.

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