Major New ‘Peglin’ Update Adds iOS Achievements, Roundrel Status Effects, Visual Improvements, and a Lot More

Red Nexus Games’ is back with a huge new update for the pachinko roguelike Peglin (Free) for iOS, Android, and PC. If you missed it, read my lengthy interview with Red Nexus Games here covering the game, pricing, and a lot more. Today’s big iOS update actually went live a few days ago on Steam. It focuses on the Roundrel status effects, visual improvements, and many adjustments detailed here, but it also adds iOS achievements support which is always great to see. The patch notes also had the announcement of a new game from Red Nexus Games. I’m interested in checking it out, and you can wishlist Fowl Damage on Steam here. In terms of changes for today’s iOS update, the Roundrel status effects affect Ballusion and Exploitball with the visual improvements going across button prompts for controllers, a proper loading screen, and other UI improvements. Watch the trailer for the game below:

If you’ve not gotten it yet, read my review of Peglin on iOS here covering the state of game prior to the recent updates, and also covering how it is on Steam Deck. It is definitely worth trying out for free. You can then decide if it is worth buying, or wait for it to hit 1.0 and leave early access on all platforms. You can try Peglin on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is a paid game on Steam, but a free to start release on mobile with a one time full game unlock purchase. We featured it as our Game of the Week when it launched. Check it out on Steam here for impressions around the PC version and to try the free demo. Head over to our forum thread for more impressions and discussion around the iOS version and new updates. Have you played Peglin before on mobile or PC?

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