‘Kingdom Eighties’ From Raw Fury Is Now Available on iOS and Android Following Its PC Debut a Few Months Ago

Kingdom Eighties ($4.99), the newest entry in the Kingdom series from Raw Fury, released on Steam a few months, and it has now rolled out on iOS and Android as a premium release. Kingdom Eighties is considered a short story-based standalone game in the Kingdom universe with its interesting setting. On mobile side, until today, we’ve only officially had Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom: Two Crowns. I’m glad to see Kingdom Eighties finally hit the platform. If you’ve not played Kingdom Eighties on Steam, this game sees the series go the 80s featuring neon, synth, and everything else you’d expect. Watch the Kingdom Eighties trailer below:

Kingdom Eighties is out now on Steam here with the console versions coming later today. If you’d like to try it on mobile, you can buy Kingdom Eighties on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The game costs $11.99 on Steam, but the iOS price is now $4.99. I’ve been playing it on Switch over the last week, but will be reviewing both that version and the iOS release in the near future. Check out our new forum thread for it here. What do you think of Kingdom Eighties if you grabbed it on Steam and did you play the prior entries in the series?

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