‘Honkai Star Rail’ Version 1.4 Update Pre-Installation Is Now Live on Mobile and PC Ahead of PS5 Launch

This week is very big for Honkai Star Rail. Not only is the major version 1.4 update titled “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream" releasing, but the previously-announced PS5 version is making its global debut as well. As usual, Honkai Star Rail (Free) update preloading has begun on mobile and PC. The Honkai Star Rail PS5 version cannot be preloaded yet unless you buy the $9.99 pre-order bundle I assume. If things go like Genshin Impact, only mobile and PC will be able to pre-install updates. Honkai Star Rail 1.4 brings in new areas: Old Weapon Testing Ground and Pillars of Creation, the Aetherium Wars game, new playable characters, and more. Seele will also be recruitable on all platforms. Watch the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 update trailer below:

To pre-install, you can tap the install resource package icon on the bottom of the screen on iOS. The Honkai Star Rail version 1.4 update preload size is approximately 6.7GB on iPad and 9.4GB on PC. If you missed the recent Honkai Star Rail PS5 developer interview, watch it below:

Pre-registration for the PS5 version of Honkai Star Rail is live on the official website here. Pre-registering lets you claim up to a maximum of 4-Star Light Cone, “The Seriousness of Breakfast (Erudition)" ×1. After the game launches, logging into it on PS5 will get you an added reward as detailed here. I’ll definitely be trying out Honkai Star Rail on PS5 this Wednesday. If you’ve not gotten Honkai Star Rail yet, you can download it on the App Store for iOS here, on Google Play for Android here, and here on the Epic Games Store in addition to its regular PC version. Have you been playing Honkai Star Rail regularly since it launched on mobile and PC and will you be trying it on PS5?

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