Grapefrukt’s Clever and Adorable ‘Subpar Pool’ is Now Available on iOS, Android, Switch, and Steam

As we talked about a couple of weeks ago, Grapefrukt Games are back with another new title following such hits as Holedown and Rymdkapsel, and that new title is available right this very second. It’s called Subpar Pool and despite the name it is anything but subpar. Well, in this case the goal actually IS to be subpar, but in a more golf-ish sense and not in a below average quality sense. You see Subpar Pool is a very approachable blend of pool with some light golf rules added to the mix, and together with one of the outright best aesthetics and presentations I’ve seen in any game ever it makes for a very winning combination. Now that I think of it this game actually is subpar. In fact it’s VERY subpar. The good kind of subpar!

In reality, I’d say the golf influence here is much closer to mini golf than it is to real deal golf, and that’s definitely a good thing. When I first saw the trailer for Subpar Golf I sort of looked at it as mainly a pool game with some light golf stuff added in, but now having played it I think this is actually more of a mini golf game first with some pool rules thrown on top. Here you’re trying to get a secondary ball in the hole using your main ball that you strike, like pool, as opposed to golf where you’re trying to hit a ball straight into a hole. Whatever the ratio of golf to pool that Subpar Pool is I’m a big fan already. The game throws randomly generated table layouts at you as well as a massive list of cool challenges to complete, and it feels like there’s always something fresh to do that’s built around the very solid and fun core golf/pool mechanics.

I would like to go on and on and gush over and over about the game’s top-notch personality and presentation, but mainly I’m just here to tell you this game is out now and that you should buy it and experience it all for yourself. Grapefrukt really doesn’t disappoint. Subpar Pool is out on iOS, Android, Switch, and Steam and the easiest place to find links to all those platforms is over on the game’s website. You can also drop your own thoughts about the game in our forums.

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