‘Dead Cells: Netflix Edition’ Arrives for Netflix Subscribers, Includes All Updates and DLC

It’s a good day for spooky games, being Halloween and all, as not only is there a fun easter egg “cheat code" for Vampire Survivors but another very Halloween-appropriate game has just arrived for anybody sporting a Netflix membership. Dead Cells: Netflix Edition is a new version of the critically acclaimed, multiple award winning roguelike masterpiece from Motion Twin, Evil Empire and Playdigious that is basically an all-encompassing experience for Netflix subscribers. It includes almost all of the DLC and expansions that have released for the game on other platforms over the past several years, including The Bad Seed, Rise of the Giant, Fatal Falls, The Queen and the Sea, and most recently the absolutely incredible Return to Castlevania expansion which you can see more of in the trailer below.

This is I believe the second or third time that a game has released in triplicate on the App Store. There is the original paid mobile release of Dead Cells which was our Game of the Year in 2019, there’s the Apple Arcade version Dead Cells+ which much like this latest release includes all DLC and expansions through Castlevania, and of course there’s today’s Dead Cells: Netflix Edition. It’s perhaps a little confusing to the untrained eye, but whatever gets Dead Cells in more hands is alright by me. It’s also worth noting that all three of these mobile versions are still a step behind the PC and console versions of Dead Cells, which received the Clean Cut update back in April and is set to receive the The End is Near update in the very near future. Even so the mobile Dead Cells has more than enough to keep you busy for basically the rest of time, so if you never jumped on the original and don’t have Apple Arcade, but you DO subscribe to Netflix, this is your moment to shine.

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