Capcom Comments on Possible ‘Mega Man X DiVE Offline’ DLC and Collaborations in New TGS 2023 Video

Following its launch early last month, Capcom has commented (via Reddit) on the possibility of DLC and collaborations for Mega Man X Dive in a new TGS 2023 video showcasing the booth and more. Mega Man X DiVE Offline ($29.99) on iOS, Android, and Steam is an offline version of the free to play online game, but this one is a premium release. It includes Zero, Proto Man, Bass, Sigma, and Mega Man.Exe and over 900 stages, fan-favorite bosses, and more. It unfortunately didn’t have all the content from the online game, and in the new TGS 2023 video which you can watch below, Capcom commented on DLC and more for the game to address player feedback. While there wasn’t a definitive answer, the team is clearly thinking about it based on the responses from 5:00 onwards. Watch the video below:

Mega Man X DiVE Offline had some very interesting Capcom (and more) collaborations, and I hope those at least some of those make it in. If you’ve not gotten it yet, Mega Man X DiVE Offline is now available for $29.99 on iOS, Android, and Steam. Check out the official website for Mega Man X DiVE Offline here. You can buy Mega Man X DiVE Offline on Steam here, on the App Store for iOS here, and on Google Play for Android here. What do you think of Mega Man X DiVE Offline so far and what collaborations or DLC would you like to see added to the game in the future if Capcom ends up adding more content?

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