‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Is a Strategy Game Based on the Historical Drama Out Now via Netflix Games

Vikings: Valhalla (Free) is a strategy game based on the historical drama series on Netflix, out now on iOS and Android through Netflix Games. Vikings: Valhalla is published by Tilting Point and developed by Emerald Games. It features an original story with campaign battles, alliances, raids, and more. Since this is a Netflix Games release, it has no additional purchases, and is playable for free if you have an active Netflix subscription. Vikings: Valhalla aims to let fans of the show spend more time with the stories from the show which Kevin Segalla, Founder and CEO of Tilting Point, says is a massive hit on Netflix. Watch the Vikings: Valhalla Netflix Games trailer below:

If you’d like to play Vikings: Valhalla, you can get it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. I’m not familiar with Vikings: Valhalla at all, but looking at the gameplay trailer, having a game like this not have in app purchases is a huge positive, and I’ll be checking it out later today. If you have watched Vikings: Valhalla, I’m curious what you think of this strategy game. If you haven’t watched it, will you be trying Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix assuming you have an active subscription?

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