Valve Says To Not Expect a Faster Steam Deck for the Next Couple of Years

With the big 20% off discount for the Steam Deck available to celebrate Steam’s 20th anniversary, Valve had a good presence at TGS 2023 with interviews and more. Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais who is one of the best people to follow on Twitter if you like your Steam Deck, spoke to CNBC and also told The Verge that we shouldn’t expect a faster Steam Deck for the next couple of years which implies 2025 or beyond. Valve only wants to do one when there’s a significant enough increase to be had on that front. This is a good thing because giving developers a fixed spec for a few years more will only benefit the Steam Deck ecosystem and make things better for the next system. A few poor PC ports like Wild Hearts that barely run on Steam Deck aren’t a fault of the Deck, but of the PC ports. Watch the live interview with Pierre-Loup Griffais from CNBC below:

If you’re curious about how the Steam Deck has changed since launch, read Jared’s thoughts of it from day one here and my thoughts on it a year later here. The Steam Deck will also get quite a software upgrade soon with SteamOS 3.5 that is currently in the preview channel. If you have a Steam Deck and are looking for some new games or the best games in specific genres, head over to our Steam Deck category for reviews, news, interviews, features, and more here. I’ve already recently-covered Mortal Kombat 1, the best new indie games, Starfield, and more on the system. What would you like to see us cover on Steam Deck?

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