Time-Travel RPG ‘Reverse: 1999’ Releases on October 26th With Pre-Orders and Pre-Registrations Now Live

Reverse: 1999 from developer Bluepoch was just announced for an October worldwide release on iOS, Android, and PC platforms. While there are loads of free to play games announced daily, the aesthetic, trailer, and music in Reverse: 1999 has been interesting enough that I was hoping to see it get a global release when I was first linked to the game’s announcement before. Reverse: 1999 is a time-travel RPG with full cross play. Reverse: 1999 has full English voice acting across its cinematic story focusing around the year 1999 as the name suggests. Watch the new Reverse: 1999 global release date trailer below:

Reverse: 1999 is planned to hit iOS, Android, and PC platforms as revealed at TGS 2023. It has currently crossed 100k pre-registrations with reward details for all players listed on the website. If you’d like to try Reverse: 1999 at launch, you can pre-register for it on the official website here, the App Store for iOS here, and on Google Play for Android here. It has many in app purchases already listed like Crystal Drops and monthly offers right now. Check out the official Reverse: 1999 website here. What do you think of Reverse: 1999 so far and will you be playing it next month?

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