The Steam Deck and Dock Are up to 20% Off for a Limited Time To Celebrate Steam’s 20th Anniversary

Valve is doing another discount for the Steam Deck, but this one brings it to its all-time lowest price at up to 20% off. The deal started a few days ago (h/t to our reader Geoff Page who reminded us about this over email), but is still valid until September 21st. This is also applicable to purchases from Valve’s partner for Japan and more at Komodo. Valve is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Steam storefront and platform, and now is a great time to grab the handheld if you haven’t already. If you’re curious about how it has changes since launch read Jared’s thoughts of it from day one here and my thoughts on it a year later here. The prices will vary depending on the regular price in your country, and you can view all the discounts here. I use my Steam Deck daily, and just put it into sleep mode while taking a break from Lies of P to write this news story. Alongside this discount, there’s some good news for existing and upcoming Steam Deck owners. Valve pushed SteamOS 3.5 into the preview channel.

This update is massive with screen color changes, HDR and VRR support for external displays, updated graphics drivers, performance improvements, sleep mode improvements, and more. Everything included is mentioned here. I will not be trying it while in preview, but I’m tempted to get it once it hits the beta channel. Hopefully this one makes it out to the stable channel before the holidays. If you have a Steam Deck and are looking for some new games or the best games in specific genres, head over to our Steam Deck category for reviews, news, interviews, features, and more here. This month is very busy on the PC and console side for game releases, and I’m hoping to cover more like with Mortal Kombat 1, the best new indie games, Starfield, and more. Want us to cover something specific on Steam Deck? Let us know in the comments.

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