Select ‘SEGA Forever’ Games Have Been Delisted on iOS and Android, “End of Service” Notifications In-Game for Some

Back in June 2017, SEGA announced its SEGA Forever initiative to bring its classic games to iOS and Android as free to start games with a no ads IAP. Each game was to be adapted for mobile while remaining faithful to the originals. We saw the service launch with five games with more coming every few weeks. As recently as this week, select SEGA Forever games have been delisted on iOS and Android. Shaun has most of them installed and spotted some of them getting updates recently with new notifications in-game alerting users that the support for the specific game has ended, with a link to find more info on other platforms to play it on. Currently, that link opens SEGA’s home page. Check out the warning screenshot from Shaun below:

SEGA Forever games launched with cloud saves, controller support, and more. Shaun’s covered many of them over the years, but it seems like the program is currently on hold or over. SEGA is yet to announce anything, but if we do get any official news around it, we will post about it. If you missed the original launch, watch the unlisted trailer for it below:

As of now, it is unclear when many of these were delisted, but some were done as recently as this week. The delisted games are: Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star Classics, Revenge of Shinobi, Vectorman, Decap Attack, Eswat, Ristar, Space Harrier 2, Beyond Oasis, Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, and After Burner Climax. There are still some games available to play and buy if you didn’t own them before, but the ones above have been delisted. It is unclear if they will return. Check out the official SEGA Forever website here. Did you play any of the delisted games before and what would you like to see SEGA bring to the his program if they are continuing it?

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