‘Roto Force’ Major Update Out Now With Boss Rush Mode, New Free Aim Modifier, Difficulty Adjustments, and More

Earlier this week, the brilliant Roto Force (Free) got updated on Steam to bring in a new game mode, difficulty curve changes, and more. If you’ve not played it yet, read my glowing review of Roto Force here. Today, Roto Force on iOS and Android has been updated with the same big PC update to bring in boss rush mode, a harder boss rush mode, a free aim modifier, gameplay difficulty adjustments, and more. This update’s balance adjustments see many late game bosses being made easier on the default difficulty to be less of a difficulty spike. Roto Force was amazing even with out this, so it is better now. Watch Roto Force in action through the trailer below.

To unlock boss rush mode, you need to beat Roto Force. If you beat boss rush mode on hard mode, you unlock a harder version of the mode. Barring this update, Roto Force has gotten patched to fix various issues and to improve controller support following launch. It is a free to start game with a single full game unlock IAP. If you’ve not gotten it yet, you need to play it. Check it out on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. If you’d rather play it on PC, Roto Force is available on Steam here alongside a free demo. What do you think of Roto Force if you’ve played it, and will you be trying out the boss rush mode?

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