‘Monster Hunter Now’ Special Skills Guide – The Complete List and How To Unlock the Special Skill for Each Weapon

Monster Hunter Now (Free) for iOS and Android released earlier this month from Niantic and Capcom and I’ve been playing it daily and enjoying it quite a bit. Read my launch week review here. Whether you’ve played a ton of Monster Hunter like I have, or are completely new to the franchise with your first taste being Monster Hunter Now, this guide will help you with special skills for each weapon type in the game, how to unlock special skills, when to use them, and more. Since Monster Hunter Now is still new, there are more weapons planned to come in updates, and more weapon types means more skills. I will be updating this guide over time when we get more skills added in-game.

What is a Special Skill in Monster Hunter Now?

Each weapon type in Monster Hunter Now has a special skill that gives you some invincibility frames and unleashes a devastating attack on the monster. These vary by weapon type. Special skills are available after a bit of playing.

When to use special skills in Monster Hunter Now?

Since you get some invincibility frames, you can use special skills to avoid a powerful attack from the monsters assuming you can’t dodge in time, and you can also use it as a finisher or to break a specific part depending on your weapon type. As a Great Sword main, I’ve been using the True Charged Slash to cut tails or break heads of monsters.

How to unlock Monster Hunter Now special skills for each weapon?

Once you become a full-fledged hunter (Hunter Rank 11 or higher), you will be able to overgrade weapons to Grade 2. Grade 2 is when you unlock the weapon’s special skill.

How to use Monster Hunter Now special skills?

Once you’ve unlocked a special skill for your weapon and have equipped said weapon, attacking monsters (even small ones) slowly fills up the special skill gauge icon above your health bar. Once this is full, you can unleash your special skill on the monster. Once filled, it can remain charged so you can save it for a large monster rather than wasting it on the small ones. While fighting a large monster, use special skills whenever you can because the gauge keeps filling up as you attack more.

What Monster Hunter Now special skills are available right now?

The following Monster Hunter Now special skills are available in-game right now.

  • Sword & Shield – Perfect Rush Combo – Lunge into the enemy with a dizzying flurry of strikes and bashes.
  • Great Sword – True Charged Slash – Gathers all of the body’s strength into a devastating slash attack.
  • Long Sword – Spirit Helm Breaker – Leap skywards and plunge into foes with this deadly secret technique.
  • Hammer – Spinning Bludgeon – Utilizes the rotational force of the hammer to deliver a shattering blow.
  • Light Bowgun – Wyvernblast Counter – A single shot unleashing the full destructive might of Wyvernblast ammo.
  • Bow – Dragon Piercer – Uses all of the body’s might to release an arrow that can pierce through anything.

New Monster Hunter Now special skills will be added through updates.

The official Monster Hunter Now weapons site confirms more weapons will be added. Each weapon will have its own special skill.

If you’ve not gotten it yet, you can grab Monster Hunter Now on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The in app purchases include different sets of gems. Check out the official website here. Hopefully this Monster Hunter Now special skills guide helped you out with the basics of unlocking special skills, when to use them, and all the ones in-game right now. What do you think of the special skills implemented in-game right now?

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