‘Football Manager 2024’ Mobile on Netflix Games and ‘Football Manager 2024’ Touch on Nintendo Switch Release on November 6th Worldwide

Sega and Sports Interactive have officially revealed Football Manager 2024 Touch and Football Manager 2024 Mobile alongside the PC and console versions. All of them release on November 6th worldwide, but this year’s mobile offerings are very interesting. While Football Manager has been on Apple Arcade, I’m hoping we see Football Manager 2024 Touch also arrive Apple Arcade, but nothing is announced for that yet. While Football Manager 2024 Mobile will be available through Netflix Games, more platforms for Touch will be revealed in the future. This year will also see Football Manager 2024 release in Japan for the first time according to Sega’s announcement. Highlights for Football Manager 2024 include the ability to transfer careers across Football Manager 2024, Football Manager 2024 Console, and Football Manager 2024 Touch in addition to new features coming to different titles. As of now, Football Manager 2024 Mobile will not be able to transfer careers to the other versions of Football Manager 2024. Watch the Football Manager 2024 trailer below:

The various features and roadmap for Football Manager 2024 can be viewed on the official website here as they get revealed. I’m pretty surprised to see Football Manager 2024 Mobile on Netflix because I assumed it would move to Apple Arcade if it was hitting a subscription, but Netflix means even Android users with an active subscription can play it. I’m interested to see how the Netflix Games release grows Football Manager 2024’s playerbase from this year. The PC and macOS version can be pre-ordered now with details for the console versions arriving later in October. Football Manager 2024 Console and Football Manager 2024 will also be in Xbox Game Pass. What do you think of Football Manager 2024 and will you be trying out the Netflix Games Mobile versions this year?

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