‘Ace Attorney Trilogy’ Is Down to Its Lowest Price Yet on iOS and Android for a Limited Time

Capcom has discounted the Ace Attorney Trilogy ($14.99) on iOS and Android until September 27th. I assume this is a TGS 2023 sale given the end date, and while this isn’t the first discount, the current price is its lowest yet on mobile. Ace Attorney Trilogy on mobile is a new release that is based on the console and PC version from a few years ago. Read my review of Ace Attorney Trilogy on iOS here. While normally priced at $24.99 on mobile, it is down to $14.99. Watch the trailer for the new mobile version of this amazing trilogy below:

You can buy it on iOS here and Android here. It is a premium release with no upgrade path or data transfer from the prior iOS release. I’m still hoping we get The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles on mobile soon outside Japan and the new trilogy that is due for consoles and PC next year featuring 4,5,6 which are all on mobile, but could use a visual upgrade for modern devices. Have you played Ace Attorney Trilogy on any platform yet?

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