Wrestling RPG Adventure Game ‘WrestleQuest’ Delayed to August 22nd on All Platforms

Wrestling adventure RPG WrestleQuest from Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games has just been delayed to later this month one day prior to its release date. WrestleQuest was due on consoles, PC, and mobile via Netflix Games on August 8th (today), but it has been pushed to August 22nd because the team found a bug where progress would be lost when playing across devices. The platform wasn’t specified, but I assume it was the mobile version that ideally would sync through Netflix. I’ve been playing both WWE 2K23 and AEW Fight Forever recently, and also WrestleQuest on Steam Deck and Switch. I’ll be reviewing WrestleQuest on Netflix, but the little I’ve played on Steam Deck has been good. Watch the WrestleQuest Legends trailer below:

WrestleQuest now releases on August 22nd for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Until WrestleQuest hits mobile through Netflix, you can try out the free demo on Steam here. Wishlist it on Steam as well if you plan on playing it on Steam Deck. Going by some store listings, WrestleQuest will be a $29.99 release on other platforms, so having it in Netflix is a great value add to the service. Even if the reviews haven’t been glowing on other platforms, it is worth checking out if you have Netflix assuming the port is good. I’ll be reviewing said mobile port. What do you think of WrestleQuest so far from the trailer or from the Steam demo if you have had time to try it?

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