Today’s ‘Marvel Snap’ Update Patch Notes Reveal Spider-Man Rework and More

Okay, I know I’m going a bit heavy on the Marvel Snap (Free) articles the last few days, but it just happens to have worked out that way. The latest season, Big in Japan, debuted yesterday, bringing characters like Daken and X-23 to the card battler. I waited a little to see if there would be an update to go with it, didn’t see anything, and figured that was that. But from out of the shadows, in a manner not entirely unlike that of a ninja, an update hit while I was snug in my jammies dreaming of pizza. It has a lot of interesting new features and some big tweaks to certain cards, so I don’t want to just let it slide by. No more this week, I promise! Now, let’s check it out.

First up, we have two new features that were mentioned in the roadmap last week. Sometimes you pick up a new card and a bunch of boosters and you just want to upgrade it as far as you possibly can. Before today, that would involve tapping your way through each level one at a time. Now with the Multi-Upgrade feature you can just pick which level you want to raise the card up to and directly skip to it. Be careful, as at the moment it only counts as a single upgrade for goal completion purposes. There’s also a new way to use your Gold here, as you can use it to top off your boosters or credits for a level if you’re a bit short. Or a lot short. Hey, it’s your money. A few UI updates round out this part of the show.

Nerfs and buffs, that’s the meat. It’s mostly buffs this time around, though I’m still trying to assess the biggest change. That one is the ol’ web-head, Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man. He’s essentially an entirely new card now. Before he was a 5-Cost 4-Power card that had an On Reveal ability to prevent your opponent from playing cards at the location for the next turn. Useful for locking down locations on the last turn, he’s been a useful part of many decks. Well, he’s now a 3-Cost 5-Power card with an On Reveal ability that sees him move to another random location and drag one opposing card with him. That makes him fit in more with his fellow movement-based Spiders, and creates a lot of new possibilities. Lockdown decks will certainly miss him, though.

Other cards have had minor changes to their behavior. Cable now draws the top card of the opponent’s deck instead of the bottom one. Magik can now be played on the sixth turn but her ability will only activate if she’s played before the end of the fifth turn. Mister Negative’s ability still swaps the Power and Cost of cards in your deck, but the Cost will never go above 6. Very nice. Rogue follows suit with Mystique in having her ability activate On Reveals if the copied Ongoing card had any. Finally, Evolved Thing used to chuck bricks at one random enemy three times, but he now chucks bricks at three random enemies.

That’s all. A shorter one, but a significant one thanks to the new features and the way it affects Marvel’s most popular hero. That’s likely all we’ll be hearing from the game for a couple of weeks, so we’ll have to see how things settle in with these changes and the new cards. Did you have Spider-Man in your deck? Are you going to be making any changes after this update? Let us know in the comments, and a hearty Happy Snapping to all!

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