Popular Slot Machine-Based Roguelike ‘Luck Be a Landlord’ Getting First Major Update This Week With Many Buffs

Over the weekend, developer TrampolineTales announced a major update coming to the popular slot machine-based roguelike Luck be a Landlord ($4.99). If you’ve not gotten the game yet, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Read my review covering it on iOS here. The Luck be a Landlord Big Buffs Update is set to arrive on August 18th. Platforms haven’t been confirmed for the update, but it will be coming to PC for sure going by the Steam page. Hopefully it is out on mobile as well on the same day. This update aims to reduce the number of unwinnable games. There will be about 30 buffs to symbols and items with the full list of changes and reasoning arriving with the Luck be a Landlord 1.1 patch notes on August 18th. I’m interested to see what else changes, but things are looking interesting even with the three major changes revealed so far in the blog post. Watch the Luck be a Landlord trailer below:

I hope the update gets us closer to landscape mode support on iOS, but that will likely take longer. If you do play the game, you should read the blog post with a preview of the changes arriving on August 18th here. If you’ve not gotten it yet, you can buy Luck be a Landlord on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. I still play Luck be a Landlord daily, so this is a welcome change, and I hope it makes experimenting more viable since there are tons of paths I’d love to work towards even with the luck element involved. If you’ve gotten Luck be a Landlord on any platform, do you enjoy it and are you looking forward to the Big Buffs Update this week?

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