App Store Classic ‘Rolando’ Is Coming to Steam As ‘Rolando Deluxe’ With Steam Deck Support

Last year, HandCircus teased a version of Rolando that would be playable on Steam Deck. I don’t usually cover news around games coming to Steam or Steam Deck specifically, but write about said games through reviews or Steam Deck-specific features. Rolando is an exception of course. Longtime TouchArcade readers know how important Rolando is to the App Store’s early days. HandCircus thought so as well by bringing Rolando: Royal Edition ($4.99) back in 2019. Now, Rolando will be making the jump to Steam as Rolando Deluxe with a demo releasing soon as well. HandCircus is also considering bringing it to consoles, but there’s nothing to announce on that front yet. If you’ve not played or heard of it yet, read our original review here and our review of the Royal Edition here. Watch the Rolando Deluxe Steam announcement trailer below:

Back when we had the original tease about Rolando for Steam Deck, HandCircus also mentioned that it wants to do a remaster of Rolando 2 for all platforms. I’m interested in seeing where that goes as well. Rolando: Royal Edition released about 10 years after the original Rolando hit the App Store, and Rolando Deluxe will be hitting Steam in the future bringing Rolando to new platforms. The Steam version will be on Windows, macOS, and Linux. HandCircus tells us that it works great on Steam Deck as well. Until we have a date or price point for Steam, you can wishlist Rolando Deluxe here. Wishlisting it should also notify you when the demo releases. I’m curious to see how it plays on PC. Have you played it before or are you going to experience Rolando for the first time when it comes to Steam Deck?

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