The Phoenix Force Arrives in the Latest Season of Marvel Snap

All good things must come to an end, and for this Spidey-loving weirdo, saying goodbye to the Spider-Versus season of Marvel Snap (Free) is a little sad. We got lots of good memories and Spider-Cards though, so I’m willing to step aside and let another section of the Marvel fandom have their time to shine. X-Men fans, it’s your turn. The next season is called Rise of the Phoenix, and you don’t have to be hardcore comic reader to know what that means.

As usual, Ben Brode of developer Second Dinner has an absolutely amazing video that fully breaks down what is coming in the new season. I’ve linked it below, and you should certainly give it a watch. This man suffers for his art, and so do his guts this time around. If you’ve got the time to check it, go ahead and do so. If you don’t, or can’t watch a video right now, I’ll meet you down below to let you know the important details.

The Season Pass card this time around is the Phoenix Force itself. It’s a 5-Cost 6-Power card with the On Reveal ability to revive a destroyed card and merge with it. That merged card can then be moved on each turn. Some spicy reasons to combine Destroyer and Move decks here. The Season Pass will also get you variants and avatars of Magik and Colossus, which makes sense as they are members of the Phoenix Five.

As for other new cards, there are four incoming. Jean Grey is a 3-Cost 3-Power with an Ongoing ability that forces the opponent to play their first card at Jean’s location each turn if possible. Legion is a 5-Cost 8-Power card that has an On Reveal ability that changes every other location into the same one he is played at. Neat.

Echo is a 1-Cost 2-Power card who, after the opponent plays an Ongoing card at the same location, removes its abilities. An effective counter to Cosmo, which should shake some decks up. Finally we’ve got Mirage, a 2-Cost 2-Power card that has an On Reveal ability that copies the lowest Cost card in your opponent’s hand into your own hand and gives it a +2 Power buff.

We’ve also got two new locations incoming. The White Hot Room offers up +3 Max Energy to the first person who fills it up. The other location is Lake Hellas, which gives 1-Cost cards an additional +2 Power. I can see some nasty possibilities for both of those.

We’ll have our July deck-building guide ready for you soon if you want to catch up on the latest strategies, and the Rise of the Phoenix season kicks off tomorrow. I’m still really enjoying Marvel Snap, and the cadence of new cards is just about right to keep things fresh. Also, Ben Brode is absolutely adorable and I want the game to keep going if only to keep him on camera at least once a month.

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