The Original Cook, Serve, Delicious Is Getting Remastered As Cook Serve Delicious: Re-Mustard Next Year, No Mobile Announcement Yet

When I interviewed David Galindo and Vertigo Gaming back in May, he said he definitely wants to return to mobile in the near future, but doesn’t want to just do a simple update for an old game. This was when I asked about ports of 2 and 3. The original Cook Serve Delicious is still playable, but hasn’t been updated in over half a decade on iPhone and iPad. If you’ve never heard of it, read our coverage of the iPhone and iPad versions here and iPad review here. I love the original game and its music, so when Vertigo Gaming announced Cook Serve Delicious: Re-Mustard as an enhanced remaster and new title for next year, I was very happy. Check out a screenshot from the upcoming release below:

As of now, Cook Serve Delicious: Re-Mustard is confirmed for PC and consoles, but hasn’t been announced for mobile yet. This is a prime candidate for Vertigo Gaming to try its hand on premium games on the platform. I wouldn’t be surprised to even see it come through Netflix Games as we already saw something similar with World of Goo. Until we get a release date or learn more about a potential mobile release that I am trying to will into existence, you can wishlist Cook Serve Delicious: Re-Mustard on Steam here. When Cook Serve Delicious: Re-Mustard releases next year it will feature a new campaign tying into 2 and 3, re-balanced difficulties, 60fps support, and more. Did you play Cook Serve Delicious before and have you kept up with the series since on other platforms?

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