Slay the Spire and LEGO DUPLO World Headline this Weeks Apple Arcade Releases

It’s that time of week when new games and updates arrive to Apple Arcade in the App Store, and this week there are a couple of previously released “plus" editions and some pretty cool updates to existing releases to tide everyone over until Ridiculous Fishing EX launches next Friday. I mean, no offense to this week’s games but that’s what everybody is really waiting for, no? Anyway, this week’s “new" games really cater to two extremely different audiences. On one side you have Slay the Spire+, the roguelike deckbuilder that carved out its own unique niche in the genre and spawned all sorts of similar titles.

On the other side of the spectrum is LEGO DUPLO World, an edutainment title aimed at teaching fundamentals to young children by using the chunky sibling to the legendary LEGO building blocks. I do not anticipate there being a ton of crossover between these two titles, but don’t let me tell you how to live your life! I have very young kids and Apple Arcade has been a haven of family-friendly fare and I’d be lying if I said some of them aren’t actually entertaining even to adults like me. Well, “adult" in quotation marks, I guess, I’m really just an overgrown child.

On the update front there’s some Punk Frogs causing mischief in TMNT Splintered Fate, a Wimbeldon event happening in What the Golf? (because tennis is also golf), a new Kingdom and 60 new levels for Castle Crumble, a bunch of new stuff related to Contracts in The Oregon Trail, the new Summer Brake Challenge in What the Car?, and swashbuckling adventure for Om Nom with brand new Pirate levels added to Cut the Rope Remastered. Oh, and we can’t forget the new Level Up story added to Episode XOXO, no we can’t. And I think that about wraps things up for this week, so enjoy these latest additions as I start my official 1 week countdown timer for the release of Ridiculous Fishing EX next week.

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