Omega Strikers Fans Unlock New Mystery Character Finii Just Two Hours Into the Games Latest Special Event

Back in April Odyssey Interactive, a studio formed by some former Riot Games folks who had their hands in games such as League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, launched their debut title Omega Strikers across mobile, console, and PC. The game is a 3v3 “footbrawler" that’s kind of like a blend of foosball and air hockey if it was played by a cast of wacky anime characters. Well, it’s not kind of like that, that’s basically what it is, and with its multiplatform approach that sees support for both cross-play and cross-progression across all platforms Omega Strikers has become quite popular with a very passionate fanbase.

Speaking of that passionate fanbase, Odyssey released the latest update to their game yesterday and they included a fun little contest for their fans to complete. They built up a new mode called High-Tea Hijinks featuring a mystery character, and tasked players with choosing from one of four different tea-themed alliances when heading into a match which would contribute points towards a goal that would unmask the mystery character and earn players all sorts of rewards along the way. I’m guessing Odyssey figured they’d get a few weeks out of the special event, or maybe if people REALLY went wild they might make it through the weekend before players hit the goal. But… nope! Two hours is all it took for Omega Strikers players to uncover the game’s new mystery character, Finii the Tenacious Trickster.

Told you this game was popular. It reminds me of the time Super Crate Box made its way to mobile way back in 2011, and Vlambeer built in a system that kept track of how many crates players were collecting with new updates planned around hitting certain thresholds of crate collection. Fans blew through those thresholds well before any new content was finished, and in fact we’re still waiting for a promised content update from over a decade ago. I’m sure any day now! Thankfully it doesn’t appear to be that sort of situation with Omega Strikers, and if anything it’s just a testament to how much the fans are into the game. As mentioned Omega Strikers is available on pretty much every platform you can imagine, with links to everything readily available on the game’s official website, and it’s free so worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

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