New ‘Brotato’ Update Adds the Cyborg, Glutton, Jack, and Lich Heroes on Mobile

Top down roguelite shooter Brotato ($4.99) (premium) on mobile has gotten quite a few updates since launching bringing in the in-game encyclopedia , endless mode, accessibility options, and more. Read our review of it here. The PC version recently hit 1.0 as well. Today, Brotato on mobile has gotten updated to bring in four new heroes: Glutton, Cyborg, Jack, and Lich. This update also has some fixes for damage values and hero attribute modifiers. I’m hoping it hits 1.0 officially on mobile soon and we eventually get a cross platform save option. Watch the Brotato 1.0 update trailer below:

We featured Brotato as our Game of the Week. Brotato (premium) is available for $4.99 on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check it out on Steam here where it is 20% off to celebrate the 1.0 update. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit on Steam Deck and also iPad. If you haven’t gotten Brotato or 20 Minutes Till Dawn yet, the discounted bundle is worth grabbing. Check it out here on mobile and here on Steam. Have you played Brotato or 20 Minutes Till Dawn yet on mobile?

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