‘A Monster’s Expedition’ From Draknek Is Out Now as a Standalone Game on the App Store Following Its Removal From Apple Arcade

Draknek’s brilliant puzzler A Monster’s Expedition ($9.99) has returned to iOS devices through its standalone App Store release today. If you’ve not played it yet or heard of it, A Monster’s Expedition was one one of the best games on Apple Arcade, and one of the best puzzle games you can play in general. With a lot of games leaving the service, we see some return, but others just vanish to not see ports on any other platform. I’m glad this one is still going to be playable on the platform with save files from the Apple Arcade release also carrying over to this standalone release. If you’ve not played it yet on any platform, read my glowing Switch review of A Monster’s Expedition here. To celebrate this launch, other Draknek games are discounted for a limited time. Watch the trailer for the game below:

If you’d like to grab it on the App Store through its standalone release, you can buy A Monster’s Expedition on iOS here for $9.99. It is also on Steam and available on Switch right now here. The Switch price is $24.99. Check out our forum thread for A Monster’s Expedition here for more impressions around the original Apple Arcade release. You can also head over to the official website for information about the game on other platforms and more. Have you played A Monster’s Expedition before on Apple Arcade, PC, or console yet and will you be buying it out on iOS?

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