(Update) ‘Samurai Shodown’ From SNK Coming to Mobile Through Netflix With Online Play

Update: Netflix has taken the video down. It is likely coming to mobile later, but not today. The original story with links from Netflix is below:

While Netflix is known to do surprise releases, today’s apparent new addition to Netflix Games shocked me quite a bit. SNK’s newest Samurai Shodown fighter is apparently coming to mobile today going by its official launch trailer (via @Wario64) on Netflix. Samurai Shodown is the rare fighting game I keep buying on every platform despite its mediocre online netcode. The game itself is lovely, and I can’t wait to see how the mobile version ends up being when it releases seemingly today. Read Shaun’s review of Samurai Shodown here. I wasn’t a fan of the Switch port at all, and have been playing it mostly on Xbox Series X and Steam Deck. Watch the Samurai Shodown Netflix trailer below:

While a few Samurai Shodown releases are on mobile, this is the full new(ish) console and PC game coming to mobile through Netflix. It will be my favorite addition to Netflix ever if the port is good and the online works well. Hopefully this wasn’t a mistake and the game is actually releasing today with the trailer having been posted early. The blade-wielding fighter looks gorgeous on PC and consoles, and I love the music. You can check it out on Steam here as we wait for the mobile version to roll out. Going by the launch trailer above, you will be able to get Samurai Shodown on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here when it releases. Have you played Samurai Shodown before on PC or console?

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