The New Conquest Mode Arrives in ‘Marvel Snap’ on June 13th

Everything is coming up aces for Marvel Snap (Free) recently. The big Spider-Verse tie-in event kicked off earlier this week, the game was presented with an Apple Design award a couple days ago, and now there’s a big new mode coming to the game. We’ve previously discussed Conquest mode here and there, but today at Summer Game Fest, Second Dinner and Nuverse laid out all the details up to and including a release date. There’s also a funny video with ProZD that Marvel Snap players will definitely be able to empathize with. Let’s check it all out!

So yes, Conquest. Marvel Snap has been out for several months now, and the players just keep getting better and better at playing it. The influx of new cards and locations has resulted in a constantly changing meta, but some players are looking for an even stiffer challenge. Conquest aims to deliver that. Oh, but don’t worry if you’re not dancing with the gods in this game. It’s open to everyone. The finest prizes await the best of the best, but everyone should be able to take home some goodies if they’re persistent. Anyway, this seems like a good moment to send you to the ProZD video, where he seems to be having a rough run of luck.

Ha, that rapscallion! Can’t get enough of him. Anyway, Conquest kicks off on June 13th, and you’ll be able to join in by heading to the Proving Grounds. If you manage to win, you’ll earn a Silver Ticket that allows you to try the Silver Conquest. Winning Silver gets you a Gold Ticket, and you can probably guess what that is used for. Pull off a win in Gold Conquest and you’ll get yourself an Infinite Ticket, which will allow you to take a shot at Infinite Conquest, which will run during the final week of each event. If you somehow manage to beat that, you’ll get a very fancy new Infinite Avatar frame that will show off your achievement to everyone.

So how does it work? Basically, it uses a similar style to Battle Mode. You play multiple rounds against the same opponent, battling for health instead of Cubes. Since you can’t change your deck between battles, those who rely on surprises might find their tricks running dry. Each successive Conquest requires you to pull off more consecutive wins to come out on top, and even a single loss will send you home. Aside from the previously-mentioned Tickets, you’ll also earn Medals that can be exchanged at a special Medal Shop for an assortment of goodies. And if you happen to need more Tickets, you can buy them with your Gold.

That’s about it. June 13th. New mode. Lots of rewards. Silly video. You can’t really go wrong here. I’ll be looking forward to testing my own goofy decks when Conquest mode arrives in Marvel Snap, and I hope to see some of you on the battlefield too. Happy Snapping!

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