The Latest Marvel Snap Update Introduces Conquest Mode and Nerfs Galactus

Well, it finally happened. Someone must have scrounged up an Ultimate Nullifier or something, because the Devourer of Worlds has met his biggest challenge yet. The latest update for Marvel Snap (Free) has arrived, and it’s got some big changes in tow. A whole new mode, some major balance adjustments, and more. Let’s go over all of them in our usual fashion, shall we?

Okay, so first is Conquest Mode. It’s now live, and it presents a new way to play the game and some new rewards. You have to battle an opponent to whittle down their health instead of taking cubes. Winning will earn you some medals that can be exchanged in a special shop for various prizes. There are different leagues, and accessing each one will require a key and task you with winning more consecutive battles without losing. You get keys when you win, but if you need more then you can use Gold to buy them. The more you win, the more medals you get, and the cooler prizes you walk away with.  It’s… pretty tough. But I wish all of you good luck with it.

You’ll probably notice something new in the Token Shop as well. You can now spend 1000 Tokens to buy a Mystery Series 3 card. That’s nice if you’re just trying to fill out your set. There are also Weekend Missions coming, giving you some extra stuff to do and more goodies to gain. And in other odds and ends, Snowguard and Stegron are moving from Series 5 to Series 4, and Shanna is swinging from Series 4 to to Series 3.

Okay, let’s talk about nerfs and buffs, because that is the other big news in this update. Galactus isn’t the most dominant card in the game, but he is a real thorn in the side of many players. Developer Second Dinner has been talking about doing something with him for a while, and I guess the decision was finally made. Galactus moves from a 6-Cost 2-Power card to a 6-Cost 7-Power card, but the real tale is in his On Reveal ability. Whereas before he only had to be your only card played at a location to destroy the other two, he now needs to be the only card and winning the location to trigger his effect. He’s still very strong but there is no question this changes how players relying on him will have to play.

Maria Hill and Dazzler get some buffs, sort of. Maria Hill can now bring in a random 1- or 2-Cost card to your hand instead of just a 1-Cost. Probably generally more welcome, but if you have strategies that lean on 1-Cost cards you might have to adjust a little. As for Dazzler, she previously needed you to fill every location to gain a +6 Power boost. Not impossible, but not very flexible either. Instead of being 4-Cost 4-Power she’s now 3-Cost 2-Power and her ability will add +2 Power for each location you fill up. Less “all or nothing" now.

That about wraps it, apart from the usual bug fixes. Go and give Conquest mode a try, reconfigure your Galactus deck, and pick up a Mystery Series 3 card or two. We’ll have to see how the meta shakes out after these balance changes, but at a bare minimum some players are going to have to rethink their decks. It should make for an interesting deck building guide next month, at the very least. Happy Snapping!

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