The Best ‘Marvel Snap’ Decks – June 2023 Edition

A week into June and the new season has kicked off, which means it’s once again time to check in on the hottest and best decks currently trending in Marvel Snap (Free). Chaos continues to reign in the game after some of its recent balance changes, which means there are a lot of really interesting decks in play. Let’s have a look and see what’s what right now in the world of Marvel Snap decks, but do remember, now more than ever: today’s winning deck could be tomorrow’s cold meatloaf. These guides are one way to keep your finger on the pulse of the scene, but they aren’t the only method you should be using.

Note that most of these decks are the best of the best at this point in time. They assume you have access to a full range of cards. I’ll once again be including the five strongest Marvel Snap decks of the moment, and I’ll throw in a couple more decks that don’t need anything too hard to get and are just sort of fun to play with. You know, a little variety and all of that.

It seems like the actions taken in April have had the effect that developer Second Dinner was aiming for. We’re seeing a lot less reliance on one or two deck types and synergies, and people keep finding interesting counters anytime a deck that is too dominant pops up. It’s a bit too early to see what new card Ghost Spider will do (if anything), but the results of the cards added from the Guardians of the Galaxy event are certainly in. Let’s check out five of the most popular decks of the moment.

Control Sera

Included Cards: Sera, Nova, Angela, Hit Monkey, Zabu, Bishop, Killmonger, Shang-Chi, Enchantress, Kitty Pryde, Scarlet Witch, Mysterio

Control Sera is hanging in there, but its grip has been loosening of late. The ‘Control’ in this deck’s title refers to how you need to manipulate the turn order to make sure your cards are revealed last all the way up until the end. That means you have to make sure you’re losing until the very end. Do what you will for the first few turns but make sure you hang on to Killmonger for the last turn. Play Sera on the fifth turn, and deploy various combinations of Enchantress, Killmonger, and Shang-Chi to completely ruin your opponent’s party. Changes this month see Lizard and Sentinel benched in favor of Kitty Pryde and Scarlet Witch. A lot of decks are filling out locations now, making Lizard less useful than he once was. Scarlet Witch is helpful to change any locations that might be giving your opponent a leg-up.

High Evolutionary Lockdown

Included Cards: High Evolutionary, Wasp, Nebula, Jeff the Baby Land Shark, Storm, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Thing, Professor X, Abomination, America Chavez, Hulk

So this is a very “now" deck. It includes both Nebula and the High Evolutionary, cards just added during last season. As a Lockdown-type deck, the idea here is to block the opponent from as many locations as possible. Nebula is great here because if you can keep the location active and locked down, she’ll just keep getting stronger. If you can take one location early, perhaps with a combination of Nebula and Storm, you only have to win one more while your opponent has to win two. The High Evolutionary backs Nebula up perfectly, allowing you to pick away at your opponent with cards in play while you focus on other business.

Wave & Nebula

Included Cards: Wave, Nebula, Korg, Zabu, Jeff the Baby Land Shark, Darkhawk, Shang-Chi, Rockslide, Iron Lad, Leader, Doctor Doom, America Chavez

Despite some attempts to nerf Wave, she’s still a big part of some very successful decks. And hey, here’s Nebula again. At its core this is a familiar deck, mixing Zabu and Wave to allow you to play two cards on your last turn to the opponent’s one. Korg and Rockslide feed your opponent’s deck to beef up Darkhawk, Nebula does her thing wherever you can put her, while cards like Doctor Doom, Leader, and Iron Lad give you plenty of choices for how you want to wrap things up. It’s a pretty easy deck to play, as long as your opponent has no answer for Wave.

Kitty Pryde Bounce

Included Cards: Kitty Pryde, The Hood, Bast, Iceman, Angela, Hit Monkey, Beast, The Collector, Falcon, Mysterio, Bishop, America Chavez

Kitty Pryde is a really good card and most people who have been playing for at least a month will have her in their collections. She’s useful in many decks, and she’s also brought back the fun Bounce type of deck build. As you can see, this deck uses mostly low-cost cards that through a process of playing and recalling can become potent weapons after a few turns. Falcon and Beast are your means of bringing cards back, allowing you to play cards like The Hood and Iceman multiple times to pop their effects more than once, all while adding to the strength of The Collector, Angela, and Bishop consistently. Since your cards are low cost, you can also play a pretty beefy Hit Monkey as needed. Use The Hood’s Demon(s) and America Chavez for powerful final-turn surprises. A lively deck and one you can’t play carelessly, but it’s worth its weight in cubes.


Included Cards: Galactus, Yondu, Electro, Wave, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, Knull, America Chavez, Death, Jeff the Baby Land Shark, Iron Lad

Galactus is still here, and still a royal pain in the butt to fight against. It’s a really nasty deck that will catch a lot of players with their pants down, and you can probably sort out how it works. Use Electro and Wave to get Galactus out there on your turn of choice, then do whatever you can to make sure you own that remaining location. Everything in this deck supports that. Jeff the Baby Land Shark, Spider-Man, and Doc Ock can help you manipulate where your opponents put their cards. Shang-Chi stops any final turn surprises. Knull, Death, and Chavez are your knock-out punches. Iron Lad is whatever you need him to be. Your opponent will hate you, but such is the life for the Devourer of Worlds.

And now, a couple of fun decks for those still climbing up the collection ladder or who simply want to try something different.

Accusations of Annoyance

Included Cards: Korg, Black Widow, Master Mold, Scorpion, Baron Mordo, Debris, Maximus, Crystal, Rockslide, Leech, Ronan the Accuser, Magneto

Sometimes I like to mess around with lesser-played cards just so I can see what I can do with them, and that was the genesis of this deck. I pulled Master Mold and thought about what I could do with him. Then I remembered Ronan the Accuser and thought there could be something to the idea of stuffing your opponent’s hand. It boosts Ronan, keeps them from drawing more cards, and a well-timed Scorpion can muck up a bunch of cards at once. Other cards like Black Widow, Korg, Debris, and Rockslide are there for further annoyance, and Leech and Magneto give you good options for a closer. I’m enjoying playing this deck, and it’s not doing too badly on the whole.

Basic Control

Included Cards: Sunspot, Scorpion, Armor, Storm, Killmonger, Jubilee, Shang-Chi, Jessica Jones, Enchantress, Vision, America Chavez, The Infinaut

So you want a taste of that Sera Control deck but don’t quite have the cards for it yet? Well, it’s never too early to start learning how to play a Control deck. The idea here is the same as the Sera Control deck above. Make sure you’re losing until the very end so that you play last on the final turn, and then use Shang-Chi and/or Enchantress to ruin your opponent’s strategy. Storm allows you to lock down a location early if you think you can swing it, and depending on how you play you can deploy heavy-hitter The Infinaut to overpower your opponent instead of debilitating them. This will only take you so far, but it’s a good deck early on and will help you understand some of the strategic layers of the game.

And that’s it for this month’s deck guide. We’ll return with another one of these in July to see where things stand after the Spider-Verse event has fully played out and a month’s worth of balance changes do their thing. I’m expecting to see some interesting things with movement-based decks, at the very least. Happy Snapping!

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