Red Skull Gets His Groove Back in the Latest Marvel Snap Update

Marvel Snap (Free) has seen a lot of changes in the last several weeks, with the addition of Conquest Mode, a number of new ways to use Tokens and Gold, and some critical balance changes that flipped the meta on its head and back a few times. Compared to some of those, this week’s update is a lot more relaxed. It’s mainly focused on balance adjustments, and all but one are positive changes for the cards in question. That other one? Well, doom comes for everyone someday. Even Doom. Let’s go over the details.

First of all, Krakoa has been temporarily disabled as a location. For those who don’t recall, the location would play both players’ cards for them on the fifth turn. It’s pretty fun and can wreak havoc on strategies, but I’m assuming the developers at Second Dinner have found some reason why it needs to be reworked. And that’s just what’s happening. The location will return in the future after the team can figure out something different to do with it.

Well, over to the buffs and nerfs for the week. There’s actually just one nerf, and it’s for Victor von Doom. Previously, this 6-Cost 5-Power card would summon 5-Power Doombots to the other locations. This made him a particularly popular card, especially when paired with Cerebro who would buff those beautiful bots with an extra 2-Power each. Sorry Doom buddy, but the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. Doom now summons 4-Power Doombots to the other locations, with his own stats remaining unchanged. Hopefully this will lead to some other 6-Cost cards gaining popularity.

Worry not, fans of villainy. While Doom has had his power reduced somewhat, another popular bad guy is hopping back into the saddle. Red Skull had been nerfed before as part of the Shuri Mitigation Measures, but now that she’s been weakened there’s no need for Red Skull to be put in a corner anymore. Previously 5-Cost 12-Power with an Ongoing ability that gives +1 Power to enemy cards at the same location, Red Skull is now a 5-Cost 14-Power card whose ability gives +2 Power to enemy cards at the same location. As Red Skull players know very well, there are ways of dealing with that pesky ability. Welcome back to the big-pants table, Skull.

Next on the buffing block are Nimrod and Nick Fury. Nimrod was 5-Cost 5-Power and is now 5-Cost 6-Power, which should see him get more play in destroyer decks. Nick Fury, star of the new Disney Plus show Secret Invasion, goes from 5-Cost 7-Power to 4-Cost 5-Power, which should allow players to deploy him sooner and reap the benefits of his card-summoning ability.  I’ll also slip the generic Pig card that Spider-Ham generates in here, because it was considered 4-Cost 0-Power but is now considered 0-Cost 0-Power to avoid weird interactions.

And that’s it for the latest update to Marvel Snap. Doom players are probably going to have to adjust their decks somewhat, and it will be interesting to see what players do with Red Skull, Nimrod, and Nick Fury now with their new stats in play. This has been another chaotic month for deck building in the game, so be sure to keep your eyes open for our July deck building guide when it goes up in early July.

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