Pikmin Bloom Pikmin 4 Collaboration Oatchi-Rider Mii Costume Revealed

Earlier today, the Pikmin 4 demo launched on the eShop worldwide. Progress from the demo carries over to the full game as well. To celebrate the demo, Niantic has announced a collaboration costume for Pikmin Bloom (Free) for those who play the demo or full game on Switch when it launches. If you play the demo to completion, you can unlock a special Pikmin 4 Oatchi-Rider costume for your Mii in Pikmin Bloom. This also applies to playing the full version as well. Oatchi is a space dog who will join you in Pikmin 4. I was curious if we’d see collaborations and cross promotions like this, and I wonder if Nintendo will do something for Pikmin Bloom players who buy Pikmin 4 with some in-game content in the console game unlocking. Watch the Pikmin 4 trailer below:

Full details on how to redeem the costume for your Mii are here on the official Pikmin Bloom website. We featured Pikmin Bloom as our Game of the Week when it released. If you’d like to try it out, you can download Pikmin Bloom for free on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. Head over to our forum thread here for more discussion around it. Pikmin Bloom is free to play with in app purchases including different sets of coins and storage. What do you think of Pikmin Bloom so far and are you going to play it at launch?

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