New ‘Pocket City 2’ Update Adds Hover Cars, New Clothing Items, Undercover Police Mini-Game, and More

Codebrew Games released Pocket City 2 ($4.99) on mobile a few months ago, and it is fantastic. We featured it as our Game of the Week and also one of the best games on mobile so far in 2023. Read my glowing review of it here. Today, Pocket City 2 has been updated to bring in hover cars and the Hover Car Factory, new clothing items to unlock, the Undercover Police mini-game, and some more fixes.

pocket city 2 screenshot gameplay mobile

Since launch, it has gotten a few notable updates, but this one feels like the first major one. Free updates for a game that overdelivered in value are more than welcome. I’m interested to see what else from my interview eventually makes it in the game. Read my Pocket City 2 interview here covering many aspects of the game including pricing and more. You can buy Pocket City 2 on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out the official website here. What do you think of Pocket City 2 if you’ve been playing it since launch?

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