Former Apple Arcade Game ‘Transformers: Tactical Arena’ Is Now a Free To Play Game Available on the App Store

Back in November 2021, Apple Arcade added Red Games Co’s PvP brawler Transformers: Tactical Arena to the service. The real time PvP brawler has seen many updates since launching, but it recently left Apple Arcade, and was confirmed to return as a free to play title. Transformers Tactical Arena has now launched on the App Store as a free to play universal game on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS worldwide. While many games that leave Apple Arcade hit other platforms as well, the announcement from Red Games Co confirms that Transformers: Tactical Arena is available exclusively on the App Store. Watch the Transformers: Tactical Arena launch trailer below:

If you’d like to play Transformers: Tactical Arena now, you can grab it on the App Store here. The free version out now includes different tiers of Shanx as in app purchases. The game already felt like a free to play game retooled for Apple Arcade, so this standalone free release of Transformers: Tactical Arena isn’t surprising. Check out our original forum thread for the Apple Arcade version of Transformers: Tactical Arena here. Have you played Transformers: Tactical Arena before on Apple Arcade or will you be checking it out for the first time today on the App Store?

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