‘Dragon Quest Champions’ Releases Tomorrow in Japan on iOS and Android, Pre-Download Now Available

Earlier this year, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Champions for iOS and Android made in collaboration with Koei Tecmo. With service beginning for the game tomorrow in Japan, Square Enix has begun pre-downloads on the App Store and Google Play. While Koei Tecmo has worked with Square Enix on the Dragon Quest Heroes action RPGs in the past for console and PC, this is a new mobile RPG, and the first big Dragon Quest mobile release since Dragon Quest Builders. Dragon Quest Champions will feature solo and multiplayer mode. Watch the new Dragon Quest Champions mobile trailer below:

As of this writing, a localization hasn’t been announced. If anything changes on this front, I’ll post about it. Check out the official website for more gameplay screenshots and information. Dragon Quest Champions will be free to play with various gem packs available as in app purchases. If you’d like to try out the Japanese release, you can pre-download it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here in Japan. Service begins tomorrow, and you can watch a special message from series creator Yuji Horii here. Will you be trying Dragon Quest Champions through its Japanese release or waiting for a potential worldwide release?

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