Capcom Town Digital Museum Website Lets You Play Street Fighter II Mega Man Final Fight and More in Your Mobile Browser

Capcom has launched a 40th anniversary site to celebrate its anniversary with a digital museum that has playable retro games. The Capcom Town website has artwork, the ability to vote for your favorite characters, earn rewards for participating in the festivities, and more to celebrate one of my favorite publishers ever. The retro games playable are as follows. You can also play the English or Japanese versions on the link above:

  • Street Fighter II
  • Final Fight
  • Mega Man
  • Mega Man II
  • Mega Man X

The interface is as shown in my screenshot above. While there are tons of ways to play Capcom’s older popular games, it is good to see them be playable for free for everyone in a browser right now. I’m not sure if this site will remain online for a long time, but if you feel like playing some of the games listed above on your phone or tablet browser, you can do it now. Barring the retro games, you can experience some of Capcom’s history through franchises like Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, and more. What is your favorite Capcom game?

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