Apple Arcade Weekly Round-Up: Updates for Episode XOXO, Horizon Chase 2, Illustrated, Stitch, Patterned, and More Out Now

I was surprised to not see new Apple Arcade games announced for June, but maybe Apple is waiting for WWDC 2023. This week, we get over half a dozen notable updates for games on the service. Episode XOXO brings in the new original story: Gilded Love as its first new content update in about a month. Fruit Ninja Classic+ gets its Summer Splash update with the Water Blade and Seaside Dojo available in-game. This event is available from now until June 18th. Horizon Chase 2 also celebrates summer with three new paints added to the Playground rewards. A few visual and sound fixes have also been made today. Borderleap’s two Apple Arcade games, Patterned and illustrated have added Share Play to play with friends in real-time over FaceTime. Illustrated also brings in new galleries and the Van Gogh Later Years puzzles.

illustrated apple arcade borderleap patterned game

Stitch. brings in new Hoops today with new ones coming each Wednesday. The final notable update is Zookeeper World bringing in the usual new puzzles and events alongside a new Zoo Area to expand once you hit rank 27. With the updates out of the way, check out our forum threads for Episode XOXO here, Zookeeper World here, Horizon Chase 2 here, Illustrated here, Patterned here, Stitch. here, and Fruit Ninja Classic+ here. For all Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of last month’s Apple Arcade lineup and updates?

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