Amazing Zen Puzzler ‘Unpacking’ Is Coming to iOS and Android Later This Year

Last year in May, I featured Unpacking from Witch Beam and Humble Games as one of the games I wanted to see hit mobile (in 2022). That list has grown smaller with a few of my wanted games arriving or being announced for mobile. Over the weekend, Witch Beam announced that Unpacking is hitting iOS and Android later this year. The brilliant relaxing puzzler is amazing on Switch, as I said in my review, but it will be even better on iPad. Your aim is to unpack boxes into a new home with a lovely narrative. Watch the Unpacking mobile announcement trailer below:

Unpacking is set to launch later this year, and I’m still surprised it didn’t hit the platform through Apple Arcade back then. Either way, I’ll be checking it out for sure and reviewing it when it arrives on iOS and Android. Hopefully it gets a feature complete conversion with cloud saves and controller support despite it almost certainly being played best with touch controls. Until we hear more about Unpacking, you can check it out on Steam here, Nintendo Switch here, and PlayStation here. Have you played Unpacking before, or will you be checking it out on iOS or Android later this year?

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