‘Afterplace’ Discounted to Its Lowest Price Yet Until Sunday on Both iOS and Android

Evan Kice’s open world adventure Zelda-inspired experience Afterplace ($2.99) is an essential on mobile, and you can now grab it at a discount if you don’t already own it. When Afterplace hit mobile, Jared adored it. Apple recently awarded it an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2023. To celebrate the win, Evan Kice has discounted Afterplace on iOS and Android to just $2.99 until Sunday. This discount is now live on both iOS and Android. Watch the Afterplace trailer below:

The massive world full of secrets, great controls, and a gorgeous aesthetic is definitely worth grabbing. It is usually priced at around $6.99 depending on your region. Check out the official website here. You can buy Afterplace on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Apple also did a feature on the design of Afterplace in an interview with Evan. Read it here. If you own it and haven’t played it in a while, it was even updated a few times since launch to improve the experience quite a bit. Have you played Afterplace yet?

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