A 3D Action RPG Based on Tokyo Revengers Is in the Works for iOS Android Switch PC PS5 and PS4 in Japan

A 3D action RPG based on the popular manga and anime Tokyo Revengers is in the works (via Gematsu) for iOS, Android, Switch, PC, PS5, and PS4 in Japan. This new Tokyo Revengers game will let players experience the events of the main story leaping through time trying to get revenge. It will feature high quality visuals of Shibuya and the 3D characters. This new game is planned for release in winter this year in Japan. A short teaser trailer is available for the Tokyo Revengers game which you can watch below:

This Tokyo Revengers game will be free to play and feature microtransactions. A release date or more information were not revealed as of this writing. It is also only confirmed for Japan and will be published by Victor Entertainment. The official announcement confirms that the PC version in Japan will be released through the DMM platform. I don’t expect this to release outside Japan anytime soon. I am surprised to see it also announced for consoles though. If we get an announcement on any release dates for Japan or the West, I’ll post about them. As of now, the 3D action RPG based on Tokyo Revengers is in development for release in Japan on iOS, Android, Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC. Are you a fan of the manga or anime series and what would you like to see in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers game?

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