10tons Reveals Dysplaced a Fantasy-Themed Spin On Their Excellent Open-World Survival RPG Dysmantle

In May of last year developer 10tons released Dysmantle on mobile following its well-received launch on PC in 2021. It’s a zombie apocalypse survival game and, since the world has been absolutely flooded with those for the past decade or two, I didn’t think too much about it when it released. But playing new mobile games is kind of my thing, no matter how mundane they may seem on the surface, so imagine my surprise when Dysmantle sunk its hooks into me and over the course of the next year took dozens if not hundreds of hours of my time. I fell hard for Dysmantle pretty quickly following its mobile release, awarding it the Game of the Week back then, but the rest of my 2022 and early 2023 was defined by playing the game on my phone pretty much any chance I could get.

The zombie thing though? It’s actually very well done in Dysmantle and feeds into the plot really well, but I think everyone can agree it’s kind of time to move past zombies. The interesting thing though is that many aspects of Dysmantle, and indeed lots of the content its huge Underworld and Doomsday content updates, has a more fantastical feel to it. There’s a lot of dark magic and almost occult-ish vibes to some of the events in the game, so it’s not really that big of a stretch to see 10tons announced a follow-up game called Dysplaced that leans much heavier into the fantasy realm. Check out its first trailer.

As you can see, Dysplaced doesn’t look like it strays too far from the formula of Dsymantle. This is still a 3/4 view open world game where you can destroy just about everything you see, as long as you have the right tools, and then use the materials you collect to craft all sorts of awesome and useful stuff. It looks like there might be more of an emphasis on building and fortifying a stronghold for yourself in this game, and you’ll be able to do all that cooperatively with a buddy, at least on console and PC platforms.

The plan as of now is to release Dysplaced into early access in late 2024, with the target platforms being PC, console, and mobile. If you want to follow along with its progress, the best way to do that is to Wishlist the game on Steam or hop over to the 10tons Discord server. Given my love of Dysmantle I’m unreasonably excited for Dysplaced, and while late next year feels like a long ways away it does gives me a chance to replay through the first game on my Steam Deck, which is something I’ve been planning on doing anyway.

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