Wrestling RPG Adventure Game ‘WrestleQuest’ Is Coming to Mobile Through Netflix This August Alongside PC and Consoles

Upcoming wrestling adventure RPG WrestleQuest from Mega Cat Studios was delayed from its original release date thanks to securing a new partnership. That was clearly Netflix, because the game has been dated for August to hit PC and console platforms, and it is also coming to Netflix Games for mobile as revealed in the new WrestleQuest Legends trailer. I’m a big fan of older wrestling games, and while most of the 2K releases haven’t been as much fun, the newest one, WWE 2K23, has been great. Back to WrestleQuest, the pixel art looks very good, and I’m hoping it ends up being good to play with touch controls on mobile. Watch the WrestleQuest Legends trailer revealing its August release date below:

WrestleQuest releases on August 8th for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Until WrestleQuest hits mobile through Netflix, you can try out the free demo on Steam here. Wishlist it on Steam as well if you plan on playing it on Steam Deck like I do alongside the iOS version. This is definitely another fantastic addition based on what I’ve seen so far for Netflix Games. It is going to be interesting to see what the service adds throughout 2023. What do you think of WrestleQuest so far from the trailer or from the Steam demo if you have had time to try it?

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