‘Torchlight: Infinite’ Leaves Open Beta and Launches Globally on Mobile and PC Alongside Release of New Season “Cube of Rapacity”

With Torchlight Infinite’s various closed beta periods that stretched back years, as well as its status of being in “open beta" globally across mobile and PC platforms since last fall, it feels a little strange to be announcing the launch of a game that’s been available to basically everyone for literal years now. However, XD Network has been working diligently during the game’s different beta periods to take in player feedback and tweak and fix the game based on it, and that brings us to today when they are feeling comfortable enough with the state of Torchlight: Infinite to remove the open beta status and officially launch it into the wild. This is coinciding with the newest season of the game, titled Cube of Rapacity, which you can see some details of in the following trailer.

The Cube of Repacity season brings with it a new seasonal gameplay mechanic, where you’ll be able to earn crystals from defeated enemies which you can then spend with the titular cube for various types of rewards following the defeat of a boss. The season also introduces a new here named Escapist Bing as well as a TON of new balance changes, fixes, and tweaks to the overall experience. You can get a more detailed rundown of everything new in this latest version of Torchlight: Infinite over on the game’s blog. It’s a lot of stuff, folks. As of this writing the new update is available in the App Store, but the servers are still down for maintenance ahead of the new season launch. It’s scheduled to go live at 8:00 (UTC+8) on May 10th, which if I didn’t screw up my time zone math, should be 8pm ET here in the US.

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