‘Time Master’ is a Time-Manipulation Puzzler that’s Making the Jump from PC to Mobile this Week

Released on PC in January of last year, Time Master from developer MorpheusZ is a clever time-manipulation puzzle game, and in collaboration with Crescent Moon Games, it’s going to be getting a mobile release this week. This is an isometric puzzler where you’re able to go through a level and complete a number of actions. Then, you can rewind time and split into a new person while your previous self goes about the business that you just completed. In essence, you are manipulating time in order to have your past selves perform actions that will help you solve the puzzles in Time Master. I am probably doing a bad job at explaining this, so perhaps it’s best if you just check out the trailer from the PC version.

We’ve actually seen this sort of thing before, and off the top of my head the games Persephone and Sometimes You Die come to mind as games where you would use your own previous actions in order to help a future version of yourself. The idea is a very clever one and Time Master has garnered quite a positive reception on Steam, with players saying that it’s the type of game that will really work out your brain. The mobile version is officially called Time Master Pocket Edition and it’s available for pre-order in the iOS App Store right now for $3.99 with a planned release date of May 17th, just a couple of days from now. Keep an eye out for it later this week.

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